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Direction Office MGO ESPAÑA

Fernando Martín Anes

Fernando Martín Anes - Abogado MGO FIRM

Managing Partner / Legal Management

See C.V.

Fernando Martín heads the legal department of our Madrid Firm. He designs the foreign expansion and acquisition strategies in Spain for various foreign business groups who invest there, mainly in the real estate, hotel and business sectors.

Fernando’s areas of specialisation include: Corporate Law, Real Estate, Commercial, Corporate Crime, Civil and International Law.

Fernando Martín has a Degree in Law from Complutense University in Madrid and a Masters from the university’s School of Legal Practice. He is a member of the Bar Association in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares and has over 15 years of experience. During this time he has taught and attended numerous training courses at the Bar Association Centre for Studies, joining the Working Groups on Civil Matters and Legal Advice Service. He is also part of the Legal Consulting team for the Spanish Consumer Association (OCU) as well as other national and international associations.

Email: f.martin@mgofirm.com

Eduardo Ortega Castro

Eduardo Ortega Castro - MGO Firm

Managing Partner / International Management

See C.V.

Eduardo Ortega leads the International Area of the Firm from Madrid, advising on and devising the international expansion strategy for various business groups expanding to Mexico and Spain, among other countries. He also handles corporate strategy, corporate regroupings, and their respective national and international mergers and acquisitions.

He specialises in: Corporate, Foreign Investments, Startup Investments, Internationalisation and Energy.

Eduardo Ortega Castro has a Law Degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies and a Masters in International Law from the Higher Institute of Law and Economics in Madrid (ISDE). He also holds a postgraduate degree in Copyrights in the 21st Century from Complutense University in Madrid. Eduardo has worked for prestigious firms such as López Velarde Heftye & Soria (Dentons), and Jiménez Romero y Asociados (Chadbourne).

Email: e.ortega@mgofirm.com

Rafael Caballero Núñez

Rafael Caballero Núñez - MGO Firm

Associate / Financial Management – Spain

See C.V.

Rafael Caballero Núñez joined the Firm to manage the financial, accounting and tax strategies of our clients in Spain.

He specialises in: Finance, International Taxation, Company Valuation and Commercial Arbitration.

Rafael Caballero Núñez has a Degree in Business Science specialising in Marketing from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has supplemented his training as a Senior Court-Appointed Expert on Company Valuations, and is also a specialist in Commercial, Civil and Bankruptcy Arbitration. He has completed the Management Development Program from IESE Business School. Rafael has worked as the Deputy Quality Manager for Grupo Lafarge; Managing Director and Finance Director in various companies such as Grupo FOXA, MINDS, and RCN Asesores.

Email: r.caballero@mgofirm.com

Cristina Muñoz

Cristina Muñoz - MGOfirm


See C.V.

Cristina Muñoz se incorpora a MGO como abogada desde 2017.

Sus Áreas de Especialización son: Derecho Penal, Civil, Mercantil, Compliance y Prevención de blanqueo de capitales.

Cristina Muñoz es Graduada en Derecho por la Universidad de Alcalá y Máster de Abogacía por la Universidad de Alcalá, también cuenta con un Postgrado en Compliance en el Centro de Estudios Financieros.

Email: c.munoz@mgofirm.com

Direction Office MGO MÉXICO

Jorge Moreno Loza

Jorge Moreno Loza - MGO Firm

Managing Partner / Legal Management – Mexico

See C.V.

Jorge Moreno Loza directs the legal department for the Mexico office, mainly advising multinational companies in the areas of Telecommunications, Energy, Regulatory Compliance and Infrastructure. Jorge designs the strategy needed to enter the Mexican market as well as the subsequent structure for public shareholding.

He is specialised in: Telecommunications, Energy, Regulatory Compliance, Infrastructure and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Jorge Moreno holds a Degree in Law from La Salle University in Mexico City, and a Masters in Information Technologies and Communication Law from INFOTEC, as well as a specialisation course in Energy Law from the Free School of Law and diplomas in Telecommunications Law from ITAM and the Ibero-American University. Jorge was the Legal Director of ProtelI-Next, S.A. de C.V. for 6 years, and has spoken at various seminars.

Email: j.moreno@mgofirm.com

Antonio Roldán Villerías

Antonio Roldán Villerías - MGO Firm

Domestic and International Tax Leader

See C.V.

Antonio Roldán advises the Firm’s clients on planning related to national and international operations in light of domestic legislation and tax conventions in order to avoid double taxation; he provides advice on audits related to foreign payments and appeals for reversal, as well as tax litigation related to the application of tax provisions.

He specialises in: Tax Law, International Taxation, Litigation and Audits.

Antonio Roldán has a Degree in Law from the Panamerican University in Mexico, with a course in National and International Taxation from the Autonomous Institute of Technology in Mexico and Duke University. He has also completed a course on Commercial Law and a Masters in Tax Law from the Panamerican University. Antonio has worked in numerous international law and accounting firms such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Hogan Lovells BSTL.

Email: a.roldan@mgofirm.com