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MGO – Legal Services

Legal Services

We implement comprehensive strategies at all stages of business development (corporate, contractual, financial, tax and accounting), as well as the development and implementation of monitoring systems and internal controls.

MGO assists and advises clients in dispute resolution before national and foreign judicial bodies and arbitral institutions, including the enforcement of judicial rulings and arbitral awards in Spain as well as Mexico. Our team has advised national and international clients in civil, commercial, and criminal litigation processes, both in Mexico and Spain.

We specialize in mergers, acquisitions and/or corporate transformation processes both nationally and internationally. At MGO we are involved in every aspect of the process from due diligence to the negotiation and preparation of the various partner agreements and contracts related to these operations. We study and resolve financial, administrative, fiscal, environmental and accounting issues of such legal transactions.

Legal protection of inventions, copyrights, industrial designs, trademarks, brands, etc., in all countries where our clients operate, as well as at the EU level (European Trade Mark) or internationally, is carried out by an experienced team who recognises the importance of ensuring the proper use of company resources, rights and assets.

For the efficient development of our clients in a range of fields and sectors in which they operate, it is essential to take all necessary measures and actions in the eyes of competition authorities in order to prevent any act of collusion, unfair competition, monopoly or any other act affecting fair competition in the marketplace.

Our team is specialised in and constantly keeping up to date on migratory regulations in Mexico and Spain. We design and execute the best migration strategy for our clients depending on their interests and in accordance with the significant tax implications and benefits that expat workers or executives may have.

MGO offers its clients analysis and compliance with regulations, laws and rules related to personal data protection and confidentiality of information exchanged and protected by individuals and legal entities.
We first implement and then continuously adapt strategies so that our clients comply with regulations both in Spain and Mexico. We also handle contracts relating to this process, as well as draw up the documentation necessary for personal data protection at electronic point of sale systems.

We establish strategies and legal solutions which allow our clients to formalise agreements generated by all kinds of commitments, whether contractual, tort or arising from legal transactions or events of all kinds, and above all deriving from the economic activity conducted by our clients in various economic sectors, both national and foreign. The services referred to herein include strategies that allow us to address the needs of our clients in a timely manner.

We provide management and legal counsel pertaining to bids, auctions, tenders and procurements carried out by various governmental and/or administrative entities in the public sector, at both the local and federal level. This legal support is provided to suppliers, service providers and contractors prior to their participation in governmental calls, from the formation of specific purpose companies, consortia or the use of existing legal means, as well as financing projects, through to the complete execution of the acquisition process applicable, and if necessary, seeking all legal means available to reverse rulings in the event of unfavourable judgments from overseeing authorities.

We assist individuals who have been affected by incorrect or improper actions on the part of the authorities, which have caused them damages, filing complaints before the corresponding authority in accordance with legal requirements and monitoring their prompt follow-up. Furthermore, we offer legal advice or legal consulting to civil service employees, analysing and proposing preemptive control measures in order to avoid any irregularity, whether through action or by omission, for which they may be liable in the future.
We study and analyse the actions for which our clients may be held responsible, advising them at all times and putting forth the appropriate resources and legal proceedings pursuant to the law, as well as using all available means of defense before various judicial bodies.

We advise our clients in order to comply with tax obligations at all times and avoid double taxation or improper payments, always taking into account local tax reforms, the various international businesses of a company and their connection to respective parent companies or subsidiaries. Our main services are related to national and international tax consultancy; final settlement agreements, tax complaints and requests; appeals for reversal, as well as nullity actions and writ of amparo lawsuits before the corresponding authorities.

We advise our clients on the development of control and supervision schemes, in order to remain in full compliance with their obligations in all activities carried our by various branches of their business, from corporate management to tax, labour, human rights and environmental implication issues.

Case studies in which human rights violations have taken place in order to determine their eligibility to be presented before international bodies. Analysis of the most appropriate forum in which to present our clients’ cases depending on their specific characteristics. Litigation before international bodies and, where applicable, work on the implementation of the judgment or decision.

We offer specialised service in the area of finance to financial institutions as well as issuing entities and individuals who participate and are involved in operations within the Mexican financial system, notably services arising from the establishment of financial institutions and the authorization to operate within the Mexican financial system, modifications or amendments to regulations, as well as relating to minimum subscribed and paid-up capital.

We are also specialised in issues such as Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism; consultancy and monitoring of Investment Services (formerly Sale Practices) from authorisation, marketing, and positioning for large investors, as well as requirements in the face of market behaviour; Risk management; Auditing processes involving corporate management, internal controls, automated systems, implementation of self-correction measures and plans, authorisation to establish and operate as a financial institution and amendments thereto; specialised service in administrative proceedings related to monitoring and sanctions by financial authorities such as the Bank of Mexico and the National Banking and Securities Commission, administrative appeals as well as Nullification Proceedings before the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice.