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We assist foreign companies in the process of establishing themselves in Spain. We provide management and financial services during the growth and consolidation of the company and design tailored solutions for each client which allow them to face a competitive environment with a strong foundation and ensure their success in the local and international markets.

A fundamental component of the success of new companies is the correct foundation, and an administrative, financial and fiscal structure that is solid enough to create confidence in the project as well as the development of the company’s feasibility, plans.
These services include:

Accounting and Finance

Design and development of the financial structure in accordance with the company needs.
Recording, accounting and analysis of the financial transactions of the company.
Periodic preparation of Financial Statements.
Periodic analysis of financial reports generated by the CIA.
Periodic tax preparation and filing with various public institutions (Spanish Tax Agency, Social Security, etc.) in accordance with prevailing legislation.
Assistance in resolving incidents before relevant bodies (Tax Agency, Trade Registry, etc.).
Preparation and filing of annual company accounts.

Payroll Administration

Preparation and periodic issuance of the company payroll.
Determination of severance payments and settlements.
Paperwork required for periodic changes in staff including registration, modification and permanent or temporary leave.

Administration and Treasury

Preparation and management of documentation necessary for the proper administration of the company (delivery notes, client and supplier invoices, etc.).
Payment and collections management for the company
Consultancy and/or monitoring of the management and control of cash flow
Periodic review of cash flow with Management team
Debt analysis with the goal of restructuring and minimizing financial costs and providing the company with greater liquidity.

Our experience covers all sectors and business areas, particularly in the area of Financial Consulting. We seek personalised solutions for each client, using a professional, practical and tailored approach that allows us to develop the best professional practices and engage in long-term relationships based on trust.

In this regard, within the area of Financial Consulting we specialise in:

  • Advice on obtaining financing and refinancing for companies.
  • Advice on refinancing operations and debt restructuring.
  • Negotiations with banks and other financial institutions.
  • Feasibility studies and Investment Projects.
  • Business Plan Development and Feasibility Plans for companies.
  • Business Valuations.

Once our clients come to know our working methodology and the professionals who make up our team, they often choose to outsource the Financial Management of their company as a sign of trust in MGO’s professionalism, commitment, the value our team contributes.

The advantages of this outsourcing for our clients are the following:

  • Assist the General Management: our objective is to interpret financial information and convert it into strategic information necessary for decision-making.
  • Provide an objective view of the situation of a company as well as advice on how to improve it.
  • Provide analysis and interpretation of company results, making appropriate decisions in order to obtain optimal business performance.
  • Significant cost savings; whether due to the size of the company, or not wanting to bear the costs of an internal Finance Department, the benefit-cost ratio is considerable.
  • • Continuous and personalised service: our clients are assigned a contact who provides personalised service. We designate a specific professional who becomes part of your organisation.

The MGO team has the experience and qualifications necessary to give expert reports in the area of finance, as well as deal with mediations in commercial, bankruptcy, civil matters, and will execution.