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Investment Real Estate

Investment Real Estate

We give comprehensive legal advice to foreign and local investment funds and family offices, on their entry to Spain and Mexico in order to invest in real estate.


  • We look for and present real estate opportunities to our clients according to their needs and specific requests, always looking for the best return within a secure legal framework.
  • We propose the best legal and financial strategy and framework for the acquisition of property, locating varying types of properties in order to diversify investments.


  • We analyse the profitability of operations, taking into consideration all factors that may affect returns.
  • We negotiate the best price on behalf of our clients


  • We analyse the legal and technical feasibility of the operation
  • We draw up and negotiate the contracts necessary for such operations.
  • We assist our clients with the completion of the sale or execute it on their behalf.
  • We handle the subsequent registration and tax settlement processes.


  • Once acquired, depending on the type of property, we deal with its evolution, its income in the case of flats, or its operation in the case of hotels and other businesses
  • We plan and execute the best framework to deal with revenue, growth of the operation and return of capital, as well as their respective international taxation.