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We assess investment funds and family offices for their entry to, merger or acquisition of Spanish, European or Mexican companies.


  • We look for and present investors with operating companies or startups in which to invest.
  • We analyse the feasibility of investment schemes and the internationalisation of companies towards other markets.


  • We support companies as well as investors in negotiations to determine the terms and conditions of their investment (MoU & Term Sheet).
  • We develop legal instruments to make investments and the legal certainty of the terms agreed successful.


  • We develop schemes for information exchange between investors and companies for a determinate period of time in order to accurately establish that a company is in full compliance with its corporate obligations.


  • In conjunction with investors and the companies in which they are investing, we develop a work plan and schedule for the execution of the investment.
  • In accordance with previous agreements, we set terms to assess the achievement of the proposed goals of the investment within an appropriate timeframe.