Our Main Areas of Specialisation

Internationalisation and International Mergers and Acquisitions

MGO is specialised in the internationalisation of companies and investments between Spain and Mexico, as well as other countries in Latin America and Europe. MGO also has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions at the international level.

Energy and Infrastructure

Our team is highly specialised in consultancy for various multinational groups on major energy and infrastructure projects. Our consulting work is comprehensive, from the preparation of consortia or single purpose entities to the complete execution of the acquisition process.


We advise entrepreneurs and investors whose main goal is to develop projects which are not only business ventures but in many cases personal endeavours. We help structure global projects from their outset.

Technology, Telecommunications and Broadcast Media

As one of MGO’s strategic areas, we specialise in comprehensive consultancy in the sector, as well as in designing the most effective strategies for business development in the telecommunications industry.


We design the best strategies to protect trademarks at a national, European, and global level. We understand a trademark is key strategic point of international development.

Real Estate

The MGO team has advised various business groups and foreign family offices on the scouting, negotiation and acquisition of property in Spain as well as Mexico, as well as its subsequent maintenance and revenue management, or operations in the case of productive investments.



Companies, projects and individuals in a globalised world.


The expansion of companies or investments in countries where we are based, providing the legal certainty that every project needs.


Our clients throughout their projects.


To social transformation through our work collaborating with organizations and associations who work towards making important contributions to society.


The way to provide legal and financial advice through a preventive and comprehensive approach.